Scientific knowledge should be transferred to society. As a scientist, you want to make your knowledge comprehensible for a broader audience than just your colleagues. Thinking about how to you will find yourself asking several questions, such as ‘What is my message exactly’, ‘How can I make people understand my message in an appealing way’ and ‘Who are my audience’. It is essential to choose the right media. Of course, this choice depends on your message and on the audience you try to reach.

My approach

I can help you answer these questions. Usually, I start by asking you even more, because it is essential to make your message in relation to the needs of your audience absolutely clear. It is my job to help you connect to your audience in the best possible way.

This will work out in practical actions, as for example:

  1. development of an approach for the transfer of scientific information to a specific public

  2. editing, coaching or cooperation in writing popular scientific books

  3. popularisation of presentations

  4. writing popular scientific articles

  5. developing a media and communication strategy to get more attention for your work

  6. supporting the preparation of your workshops and media appearances

  7. developing brochures for university spin-offs

  8. supporting the preparation of elevator pitches for university spin-offs

Together we decide what will be the best approach for your goals. If you want to find out how I can help you, feel free to contact me for a meeting to discuss all possibilities. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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